• About ICRN

    Indigenous Community Radio Network (ICRN), an umbrella organization of indigenous peoples-led community radios, advocates not merely the welfare of its members but also for the best realization of indigenous peoples’ right to media and freedom of expression, guaranteed by International law.

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  • About Network

    Networking among the indigenous peoples-led community radio stations in remote areas of Nepal, played crucial role in defending the right to freedom of expression and increasing access, participation and voice indigenous peoples in their language, ultimately have helped them to make informed decisions.

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  • News and Updates

    News and Update section dedicated for sharing of knowledge, information and resources and coverage of works which brings changes in the lives of indigenous communities, also the articles which share the voices of grassroots communities in the forms of text, audio and video covered nationally and internationally.

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Indigenous Radio Network

Indigenous Community Radio Network (ICRN) is an umbrella organization of nearly 30 Indigenous Peoples led-community radio stations spread across Nepal. Founded in 2017, network works to advance the cause of indigenous-led community radios which were established to best realize indigenous peoples’ freedom of expression and right to media’ as set forth in the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP), Article 16. 

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